What to Expect from Tiny Turtles Preschool:

2 to 3 Years of Age

Many changes happen to your child during this year of life. A 2 to 3 year old is much better at reading signals of other children and adults. They demonstrate their unique ability to interpret symbols through their dramatic play and their expanding vocabulary.

At Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter, your child will work out simple dramatic play themes like dressing up to go to a party or pretending a block is a telephone. We understand that promotion of language skills at this age is very important. An integral part of our child care curriculum is reading to your child often, asking many questions throughout the day, and encouraging your child to sing and engage in communication activities all while promoting the development of language skills. Pre School – before school – is an important time in your child’s life to gain the appropriate foundation for the school years ahead.