Great job.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with Tiny Turtles since the new ownership. All of the teachers, Ms. Meghan, and the front office staff have been doing a great job with the transition. It is a relief to know that my kids are in good hands and are being well taken care of. 

Infant Room – I could not be any happier with Dylan’s teachers. Ms. Lupe and Ms. Juliette continue to do an amazing job with Dylan. He was having a hard time sleeping and eating due to ongoing ear infections for some time now.  They always take extra time and gave him special attention to try and get him to sleep – which is not always easy. I know that they truly care about Dylan (and the other students). When Dylan returned to school after his ear tube surgery, he was so happy to see Ms. Juliette that he would not let go of her sweater. I’m also happy with the new rocking chair and carpets in the infant room – great upgrades! 

Two Year Olds – Ms. Tonya is doing an amazing job with Avery. She is a wonderful addition to the Twos. Avery and the other kids have formed a special bond with her and it is obvious she cares about her students.  Avery is also potty trained (wow!) thanks to Ms. Tonya’s efforts. She is going to sleep on her own now at naptime and it is important to her that Ms. Tonya is proud of her. Ms. Tonya encourages her to be a big girl and takes a special interest in her progress both at school and at home. I hope Ms. Tonya is here to stay! 

Thank you so much for caring about my kids and for all of your hard work.