The Creative Curriculum

Our Tiny Turtles preschool curriculum is designed to challenge our children, build their self-confidence and, most importantly, develop a love for learning. Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter follows the multi-cultural Creative Curriculum, encouraging child development through arts, language, music, and socialization. We believe in age-appropriate activities based on the philosophy of a structured learning environment with the ability for creative expression. This nationally renowned approach — built upon cutting edge learning theories and scientific knowledge of early child development from early infancy through the preschool years — focuses on teacher-directed and child-initiated learning. The Tiny Turtles Preschool Jupiter, Florida, curriculum is goal-directed, based on ongoing assessments for each child’s strengths and interests. With this information, learning can be guided while the child’s social and emotional development is supported by recognizing the important role of parents and of how learning can be reinforced at home.

Each child reaches his/her milestones at an individual pace. Our responsibility is to encourage your child and provide a loving, rich, and safe environment. We conduct parent/teacher conferences throughout the school year to provide helpful information and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child and his/her development.

Targeted Curriculum For Different Ages


Here at Tiny Turtles, infant care can begin at birth and care continues until about year one, when they become toddlers. With physical, language, and emotional milestones as the main three focuses of infant curriculum, infants are nurtured, loved, and encouraged in the most foundational ways. From learning how to sit with little support to responding to his/her name, and experiencing laughter to show joy, infants at Tiny Turtles will love their time in our facility.

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Kiddos at least one year old will experience similar curriculum focuses as infants with an added element: intellect. Physically, toddlers will learn how to walk without assistance, dance, and begin self-help, such as getting dressed. Regarding language, toddlers at our preschool in Jupiter, Florida learn gestures to guide communication and are able to respond to simple questions. Emotionally, toddlers work together to socialize and play games. Lastly, toddlers begin to learn how to imitate actions of others, play pretend, and refer to self by name — all of which are great intellectual feats for a child.

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Between the ages of two and three years old, kids are referred to as in their “Terrible Two’s.” At this age, we begin to notice children learning, playing, and interacting at different levels, and our Tiny Turtles Preschool Jupiter, Florida curriculum becomes more specific and targeted for each student. Overall, kids in the Two’s Program learn how to balance and move in different ways, listen to stories attentively, regulate emotions and behaviors while making friends, and connects lessons to experiences in their day-to-day lives.

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Three’s and Four’s

Three and four year olds are known for branching out of their shell. Personalities are present, and it’s great to watch these kids develop in and understand the world around them. At this age, kids are more physically able, learning harder motions, such as kicking, jumping, and climbing. At Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter, we can teach these because, at a language level, three and four year olds are able to follow two-to-three step directions and answer questions. These kids learn how to make connections, show curiosity and motivation, and think symbolically. Lastly, these preschoolers are able to follow limits and expectations, manage feelings, and make friends.

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Free VPK Program

Once your preschooler is nearly ready for kindergarten, but still needs a bit more, he or she is still welcome at Tiny Turtles Preschool Jupiter, Florida. Florida’s Free Voluntary Pre Kindergarten program is state-funded and more focused on preparing kids for a standard school structure.

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School-age kids are also welcome at Tiny Turtles after their regular school day. Our After School Care program helps kids complete homework, play together outside or inside to burn some energy, and continue making connections with other students and teachers. Our Tiny Turtles Preschool Jupiter, Florida staff will pick up your children from school and take them to our facility.

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