The group at Tiny Turtles is excited that you’re considering sending your children to us for preschool. With so many different day care opportunities in Jupiter,we’re honored to watch over your children to help them learn and grow through early development.

Our team at Tiny Turtles is dedicated to your child’s growth, rather than focused only on their survival as some other day care facilities may be. We love to watch children thrive as they learn the curriculum and master the thematic units.

Let us explain a little more about our typical day and how we differ as an enrichment center.

Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter focuses on well-rounded wellness for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years, with additional summer camps and before and after school programs available for elementary school aged children. We start every day with a nutritious breakfast to get brains ready for a creative day.

Our day is structured using age-specific curriculum that focuses on developing a love of learning as opposed to learning through memorization because it’ll make children smarter. When children are little, they must first be taught how to learn. We make this active and engaging because children learn easily through play. Moreover, every activity is combined with a creative task such as arts & crafts, drama, music, or physical education to help learn math, science, reading, and writing. We’ll spend time on the computers, playing outside, and interacting with each other. Intermixed with the curriculum activities are a nutritious lunch and snack break to keep up the healthy energy for great success.

For an additional cost, students can participate in weekly enrichment programs such as soccer, karate, or dance.

Children that attend Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter are prepared for elementary school and are more likely to succeed with life-long learning. Enroll with us today; we’d love to have you!