School is officially out for summer! You know what that means. It’s time to get outside with your kiddo and enjoy this beautiful Florida weather.

If you have a preschooler at home, then summer is the perfect opportunity for them to develop those critical gross motor skills. Here are just a handful of activities to try with your son or daughter these next few months:

  1. Go to the playground – You might be surprised by the number of parents who don’t take their child to the playground. Granted, if the one closest to your house is more of a safety hazard than anything else, make your way to a different one. It’s imperative your child has the opportunity to get outside, explore on their own, and find out what they like doing. Not to mention, they will develop necessary social skills without even realizing it.
  2. Plant a garden – Does your family have at least one garden in the front or backyard? This summer, encourage your son or daughter to help with gardening chores. Believe it or not, a task as simple as watering flowers helps them become more aware of the environment and things around them.
  3. Play hopscotch – Summer and hopscotch go hand in hand. Keep in mind, though, that this crowd favorite can also be a learning experience for your preschooler. Just remember to add numbers and/or letters to the boxes when you’re getting started. Little educational activities such as this one will keep your child’s mind sharp during the summer months.
  4. Go on a nature walk – Who says you can’t incorporate science into your child’s summer activities? It’s one thing for them to engage in activities around the house and in the yard. It’s another, though, to give your kiddo the chance to observe things in nature. Even if it’s just once every other week, take your son or daughter on some sort of nature walk. Help them identify certain insects, birds, flowers, and plants. Teacher tip: work with your child in creating a nature notebook. Once you’re at a stopping point during the walk, sit down at a bench and have them draw pictures of what they see.
  5. Create a backyard scavenger hunt – This ties in a bit with the previous point. As you’re probably already aware, there are plenty of interesting critters and plants in your own yard. Here at Tiny Turtles Preschool, we recommend making your own scavenger hunt handout or finding one online through the National Wildlife Federation. The main purpose of the scavenger hunt is to see how many things you and your child can find.
  6. Go on day trips – There’s a lot to do here in Jupiter. From parks and pools to fields and museums, there really is something for everyone’s tastes. Remember to have your child engage in as many activities as possible during this time. Of course, it’s not that long of a drive to the aquarium or zoo, either.
  7. Blow bubbles – Enjoying a nice, lazy day at home with your kiddo? That’s great! However, there will probably come a time when the both of you could use some fresh air. So why not put together a picnic and enjoy it in the yard? Once you and your child have finished lunch, spend a few minutes blowing bubbles. Don’t be surprised if your son or daughter gets good exercise chasing the bubbles!

The Best Preschool Education in Jupiter

School will be back in session before we know it. With so many pre-k enrollment options in the Jupiter area, how do you know which is best for your child? Tiny Turtles is more than just another child care center.

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As opposed to traditional child care centers, Tiny Turtles emphasizes a program that involves computer labs, reading and writing, arts and crafts, math, science, music, physical education, and much more.

Tiny Turtles Preschool establishes the foundation for academic success. Contact us today to schedule a visit.