Take a moment to think about your preschooler’s weekly activities while they’re at school. They probably play with toys, color, and learn the basic ABCs. But how often does your child engage in enrichment activities? In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of well-rounded activities at your local preschool.

During the preschool years, a child’s brain is developing at an incredibly fast pace. That’s why more and more child care directors and preschool teachers are implementing enrichment programs in their classes. Doing so allows children to use the different parts of their brain and learn well beyond the basics.

Tiny Turtles Preschool Curriculum

As a staff, our goal is to provide an enriching early childhood educational experience coupled with a well-balanced, unique curriculum dedicated to the development of young children. Parents of our current students will tell you that we aren’t like the other child care centers. For one, we put great emphasis on your child’s future school readiness. We love seeing the success that our students have in kindergarten and beyond because we know that we provided the foundation for their learning.

Our preschool education program consists of a variety of thematic units that involve computer labs, reading/writing, arts and crafts, math, science, music, physical education, dramatic play, and so much more.

Our Enrichment Programs

Tiny Turtles is proud to offer additional programs at our school at an additional cost. Click here to learn more.

Nuwar’s Kenpo Karate

These karate classes are held weekly at our preschool. Children participate in stretching, physical fitness, confidence building, and other activities.

Storytime Soccer

This enrichment program involves our staff teaching soccer through stories. This weekly class is fun, educational, and helps develop your child’s fitness skills. Participants are led through an interactive story to capture their attention and focus. They act out a variety of story scenarios that mirror soccer drills and make them even more fun. Our staff brings in a certified coach to demonstrate soccer techniques so that the children can learn them easier, practice them, and replicate them. Storytime soccer is so impactful because your child’s development at this stage isn’t quite ready to understand the purpose of athletics.


This program is all about, well, dancing! It’s all about fun and fitness with JUST DANCE.

For more information about our pre kindergarten enrichment programs or to schedule a visit, contact Tiny Turtles today.