Are you ready to celebrate the red, white, and blue? This Fourth of July, you may have plans for a barbecue, day at the pool, fireworks show, or all of the above! But did you know that this holiday can also be a great learning opportunity for your child? Check out this blog post for some of our preschool’s go-to activities for Independence Day.

  1. Fingerpaint fireworks – This is an easy way to get your child ready for the big show. All you need is some fingerpaint and parchment paper. Let your child’s creativity take over! You can even put on some patriotic music to really get in the spirit.
  2. Tempera paint fireworks – This makes a great alternative or addition to the fingerpaint fireworks activity. You will need black construction paper, sponges, shallow trays, and a variety of tempera paint. Have your child gently dip the sponge into a color and print onto their paper. They can repeat with different colors to make a gorgeous display. With both of these activities, be sure that you have plenty of paper towels at the ready.
  3. Construction paper flag – Start out drawing stripes on a large sheet of paper and precut red and white squares. From there, have your child dip the papers into the glue and place them onto the rows. This is a great way to teach your kiddo about the significance of red, white, and blue.
  4. Star sorting – Are you looking for a Fourth of July project that incorporates math skills? This one involves making different sizes of stars in red, white, and blue colors. Then your child can match them by size or sort them by size and/or color.
  5. Make a Fourth of July fruit parfait – Having your child help you cook can do wonders for their cognitive development. In order to make this patriotic treat, you will need plenty of blueberries, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, plastic knives, clear cups, and spoons. Place some sliced strawberries in the cup first, followed by a few spoonfuls of yogurt. Lastly, top it off with some blueberries. Not only is this parfait perfect for the Fourth, but it’s also healthy!

Pre-K Enrollment with Tiny Turtles

Is your child quickly approaching their preschool education years? If so, have you started looking around the area at your options? The reality is that it can be a struggle trying to find a preschool near you. Tiny Turtles of Jupiter makes your decision so much easier. For years, we’ve provided countless students with an enriching early childhood educational experience coupled with a well-balanced curriculum dedicated to development.

We’re also proud to announce that we’ve recently invested in “Watch Me Grow.” As a parent, you can now feel safe and secure knowing that your child is in the best possible care. Just log on to the safe and secure live stream via the Internet from anywhere in the world! There you can see your child having fun learning and building confidence while at our child care centers.

Speaking of safety, our entrance is equipped with magnetic keypad locks. Keep in mind that parents must be buzzed into the facilities reception area where they are greeted by our front office staff.

Don’t just send your child to any area preschool. From infant care to pre-kindergarten, Tiny Turtles will provide the foundation your preschooler needs for learning. Contact us today to schedule your visit.