The benefits of keeping children active and engaged in the world are ample. There’s more to life than school and homework, and it’s our job to teach children about all of the wonderful activities available and how to appropriately balance the fun stuff with the work stuff. To encourage this balance, we offer enrichment programs in addition to the traditional preschool regimen in Jupiter at Tiny Turtles.

34PhysDevTiny Turtles currently offers three different enrichment programs.

  1. Nuwar’s Kenpo Karate
  2. Story Time Soccer
  3. Just Dance, Inc.

School is only one part of a child’s life. Sure, school work translates into a career, and people must learn how to work for the rest of their lives. But enrichment programs offer physical activities, team building opportunities, and creative outlets. The programs challenge children to think outside of the box and do new things.

All too frequently we see parents push children to follow in the family footsteps. Dad was a football player, so son must be a football player. The son may love football and continue to pursue it, or the son may dislike it and only play because of dad. By participating in enrichment programs at a young age, children are introduced to a variety of activities from which he or she can choose to pursue in more depth at a later time. We like to focus on the skill building, fitness, and creativity that children experience with life enriching activities.

The enrichment programs at Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter are an additional cost to the preschool tuition. That’s because we bring in experts like Sensei Nuwar to teach weekly karate lessons or Dana Muia Pasakaluk to dance around the room with the kiddos.

So, what do you think? Do your kids want to participate in the enrichment programs at Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter? Learn more here.