St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. But how can you celebrate the holiday with your kiddo besides making sure they wear green? Here are five St. Patrick’s Day crafts for preschoolers, as referenced from My Kids’ Adventures:

Shamrock Rainbow Door Decoration

Your child will definitely want to show off their Irish pride after making this shamrock rainbow door decoration. Simply twirl tissue paper on the end of a pencil, add the colors of the rainbow in tissue, and glue on a cardboard cloud. When they’re done, your kiddo will have a fun, Irish-themed decoration that incorporates shamrocks and rainbows.

Paper Shamrocks

Looking for a shamrock-themed craft that doesn’t take long to make? Then this particular one has your child’s name on it. Just cut some green strips, staple them together, make a chain, and you’re done! If time allows for it, encourage your child to make multiple paper shamrocks.

Rainbow Jell-O

What’s a holiday without a tasty treat? This festive dessert is perfect to make as you work through other St. Patrick’s Day activities. If you’re at all limited on time, make “mini rainbows” instead by using just three colors. Trust us — the end result will still be delicious!

St. Patrick’s Day Bracelets

How about making matching St. Patty’s Day bracelets with your child? The must-have material you’ll need for this project is popsicle sticks. Just keep in mind there will be overnight prep time needed for bending the sticks. Once your son or daughter finishes the bracelet, they can color it, add stickers to it, or do both.

Leprechaun Bookmarks

Hopefully, your little one has a favorite book to read at night. We’re certain these adorable leprechaun bookmarks will only add to their love of reading. They can complete this craft using basic materials and then make it personal with paint, googly eyes, and markers. Don’t be surprised if this St. Patrick’s Day-themed bookmark turns into something they use year-round.

Ask About Our Preschool Curriculum In Jupiter

Here at Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter, we go above and beyond to create a fun, loving, and creative environment for every student. This is especially true with our preschoolers, who are hitting a number of physical, language, intellectual, and emotional milestones during this time of their life.

We often remind parents that preschool helps lay the building blocks for a child’s educational years. This is the point when your son or daughter starts to increase their vocabulary and understand more complex language. On top of that, preschoolers develop numeracy skills such as counting and quantifying.

At Tiny Turtles Preschool, our staff is dedicated to providing an enriching early childhood educational experience. As our teachers will tell you, something that separates us from other local preschools is our Creative Curriculum. This unique, results-based curriculum is based upon the natural ways in which children learn.

We would be more than happy to discuss our preschool education further with you! And from the staff at Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter, we wish your family a happy St. Patrick’s Day!