Another school year is flying by here at Tiny Turtles Preschool in Jupiter. Now that your child is acclimated to their classroom routines, let’s take a step back for a moment. What specifically should your son or daughter be doing before entering kindergarten in 2019?

Here are 10 things to consider, as referenced from Today:

Practice writing his/her name

Your kiddo will certainly have a leg up on other kindergartners if they know how to write their name. As a parent, keep in mind that the letters don’t have to be perfect. If it’s legible, think of this as a major accomplishment.

Master several sight words

“Sight words” include she, said, have, here, been, and was, among others. In kindergarten, your child will be expected to recognize such words on sight. As you read with your child, be sure to point out these words.

Practice making decisions

Creative play isn’t just fun for your child; it also aids in their brain development. So how exactly does imaginative play involve decision-making? Well, one example is what they should name each of their characters.

Don’t just limit their decision-making to school hours. Ask where the family should go on a walk, what to have for dessert, etc. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking as much as possible.

Work on self-sufficiency

This is a big one. Imagine the confidence of your child if they can tie a pair of shoelaces or zip up a jacket on their own. A kindergartner that feels good about themself is much more likely to be successful in the classroom.

Encourage curiosity

We briefly touched on the importance of creative play but it’s worth mentioning again. In kindergarten and throughout your child’s schooling years, decision-making and multi-tasking will be essential. But how does a preschooler develop these skills?

It all goes back to curiosity, both at school and home. Parents can do their part by turning off the TV, limiting time with electronics, and most importantly, fostering imagination. Whether this means building a city out of Legos or role-playing scenarios like ‘house,’ let your child guide this playtime.

Frankly, this kind of creative play at home is just as powerful as what’s taught in the classroom.

Feel more comfortable with numbers

In addition to letters, preschoolers should also make significant progress with numbers. At Tiny Turtles, our teachers recommend incorporating math into everyday activities. Count steps as you walk, the number of dogs you see at the park, etc.

Increase physical activity

Child development really is all-encompassing. Believe it or not, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional components come together. In terms of physical activity, the possibilities are endless.

Our advice? Get them outside with the rest of the family and just have fun. Don’t forget that all kids need to run, climb, throw a ball, etc. Your son or daughter will be at risk of underdevelopment if they fail to engage in regular physical activity.

Work on listening skills

A major expectation in kindergarten is paying attention to the teacher’s directions. If your kiddo is struggling with this in preschool, try giving them fun tasks to complete at home. The better their listening skills, the more success they will have in kindergarten and future grades.

Read, read, read

Think about how much material you read each day. We aren’t just talking about books, either. We’re willing to bet you read road signs, restaurant menus, work emails, nutritional information on food boxes, and much more on a daily basis.

With that in mind, encourage your child to read as much as possible. As you can see in the Today article, “Exposure to all manner of literature is the simplest way to create a reader for life.”

Practice cooperation

Last but not least, your son or daughter must be able to take turns and work as part of a team. The older they get, the more comfortable they will need to be completing group tasks and projects. Help improve their cooperation skills by enlisting their assistance with tasks at home such as setting the table.

Not Your Average Child Care Center

You can count on the Tiny Turtles staff to provide an enriching educational experience for your child. We understand the importance of preschool, which is why our teachers go above and beyond to set your child up for academic success in the future.

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