You want to make Mother’s Day extra special this year. Sure, beautiful flowers and a delicious brunch are nice. But what about something more personal? We’re talking about working with your child on a DIY project that will make mom’s heart absolutely melt. Here are 10 Mother’s Day craft ideas for preschoolers:

Mason jar votive – Let your child get creative with this project. Encourage them to paint the inside of the jar however they choose. Just be sure to use a battery-operated “candle” that’s safe for your kiddo to handle.

  1. Rainbow heart wreath – We’re confident that this heart-shaped wreath will quickly become one of her favorite decorations. She will certainly appreciate the combination of bright colors and a festive pom-pom. Best of all, the rainbow heart wreath doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for Mother’s Day. Mom might want to display it all spring and summer long!
  2. Watercolor plant markers – Is mom an avid planter or gardener? Then you may want to consider these watercolor plant markers. All your son or daughter needs is acrylic paint, alphabet stamps, and oven-bake polymer clay. You can even have them write loving messages on the markers.
  3. Printable Mother’s Day book – The “My Mom and Me” book can be printed online at your convenience. Feel free to browse 12 blank frames 10 prompts for your kiddo to fill out. They will complete sentences like “My mom makes me feel..” and draw pictures throughout the book. If you’re looking for a priceless Mother’s Day gift, you obviously can’t go wrong with this DIY craft.
  4. Egg carton flowers – Not sure what to do with all those leftover egg cartons from Easter? Rather than throw them away or let them continue to pile up, use them to make colorful “flowers” that will never fade or wilt. Plus, your son or daughter will enjoy coating the cartons with paint.
  5. Handprint oven mitt – As simple as this project may be, it’s a gift mom will cherish for years. Encourage your child to make a Mother’s Day card that can go with the oven mitt.
  6. Paper scraps greeting cards – Speaking of Mother’s Day cards, all you have to do is look around the house for supplies. Go ahead and let your child use old pieces of scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or card stock. From there, have your son or daughter draw flowers of all shapes and sizes. Don’t be surprised if mom starts to cry happy tears when she sees the finished product!
  7. Pressed flower bookmarks – Does mom love to read? Well, then maybe she could use some new bookmarks. We’re not just talking about any ordinary bookmark, though. Go for a walk with your child to collect small flowers and leaves. The two of you can then dry and press them onto light brown cardstock. In no time, you have a set of beautiful floral bookmarks that mom can use anytime she’s reading.
  8. Tissue paper flower pot – This is another idea for moms who love gardening. Have your child help with tearing up tissue paper and then gluing the pieces onto a flower pot. As is the case with many of the aforementioned projects, this gift is something mom can enjoy year after year.
  9. Floral herb perfume – Why break the bank on a perfume that mom may not even really like? As an alternative, think about working with your child in making a perfume instead. All you need is some water, essential oils, assorted flowers, and herbs. Granted, the final product will only last a few days. That said, they make for a personal, out-of-the-ordinary Mother’s Day gift.

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