There are a number of developmental milestones that your child should reach by age 2, including physical, language, intellectual, and emotional. Keep in mind that these milestones help your child stay on track and continue to build the right foundation for their future academic years. Here’s what you should be looking for as a parent:

Physical Milestones

At this point, your child should be experimenting quite a bit with different ways of moving and balancing. They should feel comfortable with certain things such as standing on tiptoes and walking up/down the stairs. This is also the age where your child is likely manipulating objects with stiff body movements (kicking a ball, throwing a ball overhand, etc.). See if your child can also grip drawing and writing tools with whole-arm movements to make simple marks.

Language Milestones

In terms of language and communication, a 2-year-old enjoys being read to and has the ability to listen attentively. They are likely to also point to things or pictures when they are named, as well as objects in a book. In turn, this is a critical age for recognition. What language specifics should you be aware of? Well, this is the age where your son or daughter should be using short sentences to ask and answer questions, express thoughts, and voice needs/concerns. For the most part, expect sentences of no more than about four words. Another major language milestone is successfully following two-step directions.

Intellectual Milestones

By now, your child remembers and connects experiences. He or she should also be able to use classification skills (sorting shapes and colors), as well as symbols and images to represent something not present. Watch for them to start playing simple make-believe games. They may even begin completing sentences and rhymes in familiar books.

Emotional and Social Milestones

Age 2 is where your child starts to become more regularly engaged in social settings. That said, your child learns how to participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations. Look for your son or daughter to start making friends and sustaining positive relationships with adults. Don’t be surprised if they even try copying others and demonstrating more independence.

About Our Early Childhood Education Center

It’s no question that early childhood development and care provide the necessary building blocks for a successful future. Taking it one step further, child development at age 2 is pretty incredible. At Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter, we understand the importance of preschool education. Our goal is to provide an enriching daily experience to go with a well-balanced unique curriculum dedicated to the development of infants and young children.

What makes Tiny Turtles different is that our pre kindergarten is based upon the natural ways in which children learn along with a print-rich environment for future school readiness. We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art program that offers thematic units involving computer labs, reading, writing, arts/crafts, math, science, music, physical education, dramatic play, and age-appropriate separate playgrounds.

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