Stores everywhere are packed with Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy. With this holiday also comes plenty of ideas for crafts and activities. You and your child can pick from fun themes such as spiders, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and more. In this blog post, we will look at some of our favorites for craft time in October.

  1. Halloween sensory tub – First, grab an empty plastic container. Pour in your choice of dried black beans, orange lentils, and pasta shells. Then add in several scoops of plastic spiders, snakes, and other spooky creatures. You and your child can grab the creatures and hide them under the beans. When the container is full, let your child have fun exploring! Work with them in identifying the different textures of the objects.
  2. Candy corn counting – What kind of Halloween would it be without candy corn? You’ll need a cookie sheet, brown and green construction paper, scissors, tape, and a marker in addition to the candy corn. Start by having your preschooler cut out the green husks and an ear of corn. Once everything is taped to the cookie sheet, you can start adding corn! Feel free to flip the husks over and write new numbers for more practice.
  3. Marshmallow ghost – Begin by gathering glue, mini marshmallows, and black construction paper. Then have your child make an outline of a ghost in glue on their paper. From there, it’s time to add the mini marshmallows. Though this isn’t necessarily a math activity, parents can incorporate counting into this step. Once your child is done adding the marshmallows to the outline, you’re ready to glue. Thankfully the marshmallows will dry and not mold.
  4. Sandpaper pumpkin – This is another sensory project. Grab two sheets of sandpaper, orange/green paint, a black marker, scissors, and glue. Then have your child draw a pumpkin on the sandpaper. The next step involves him or her finger painting the pumpkin. Have them explain what they’re feeling. For example, maybe your child will say that the sandpaper “tickles.” As they continue to finger paint, you can draw the second jack-o-lantern face on the second piece. Once again, allow them to color the face. The two of you can then cut out the face pieces and pumpkin before adding glue. Lastly, add the pumpkin stem and glue the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  5. Ghost bottle bowling – Be sure to get your child moving this Halloween! For ghost bottle bowling, you will need empty water bottles, sticky back black foam, scissors, cotton balls, and a pumpkin ball. Have your child start by filling the bottles with cotton balls. This step will help their fine motor skills. If your child has little trouble completing this task, have them count as well. Next, cut some eyes from the foam, peel the backing off, and place them on the bottles. Voila! You’ve got several bowling pins that look just like ghosts. Don’t hesitate to move the bowling outside, either.

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