Are you in need of some last-minute Thanksgiving activities for your preschooler? With Turkey Day just around the corner, check out these fun ideas that we’re certain you’ll want to gobble up.


Enhance your preschooler’s early childhood education with a Thanksgiving craft. Let your child’s creativity come alive as they use construction paper, scissors and glue to make a turkey, Mayflower, cornucopia or other project that they can be proud of.

Mod Mayflower

  1. Cut off the bottom of a cup and then cut two slits with the tip of your scissors at the cup’s center edge. Then place the cup, bottom side up, into the center of a cup holder.
  2. Cut two paper rectangles per boat to make sails. Then cut two small slits at the center of each sail and the top and bottom. Once the cuts are made, push stirrers through the slits.
  3. Finally, add a paper flag to the top of each mast and push the sticks into the slits in the cup.

For other ideas, be sure to explore’s activity page.


It’s easy to teach your preschooler about the true meaning of the holiday. Whether you’ll be hosting guests or traveling for Thanksgiving, your child will enjoy expressing what and who they’re thankful for on something as simple as construction paper.

Getting outside

Thanksgiving may be synonymous with a day of incredible food, but it can also be a great day to get outside and have fun exercising. Check out if there are any Turkey Trots in your area or just make some play time before or after the big meal with your preschooler!