There’s no question that New Year’s resolutions are often geared toward adults. But that doesn’t have to be the case. It never hurts to ask your child what goals they want to accomplish in the next year. Keep reading for some simple, yet worthwhile resolutions your preschooler may wish to make for 2018.

  1. Learn new things – Let’s say that your child is between 3 and 4 years old. They love going to school and seeing their friends. Now more than ever, though, you notice they look forward to learning new things. Try encouraging them to learn something new every day at school in the new year. Remember that what may seem like something small to you could be significant to them. Plus, the physical, language, intellectual, and emotional milestones achieved at this age help build the foundation for a solid academic career.
  2. Eat healthy foods – Take a moment to think about your child’s diet. Does it include plenty of fruits and vegetables? Are they consuming an excess of processed foods? It’s easy to work with your child in helping them eat healthier. For example, your son or daughter will love being your special helper for certain dinners during the week. A lifestyle change such as this will not only pay dividends for your child but the entire family as well.
  3. Exercise more – With the beautiful weather we have in Jupiter, your child shouldn’t have a problem spending time exercising outside. Don’t hesitate to organize weekly play dates with classmates and other friends. Of course, make it a point to spend some quality family time outside as well!
  4. ‘Go green’ – It’s never too early to teach your child about saving the planet. One way to do this is by adopting a “green” lifestyle. Encourage your son or daughter to turn off lights in empty rooms and unplug certain electronics that are only used part of the day. Don’t be surprised if there’s less TV usage as a result of your effort to ‘go green.’
  5. Continue good behavior – By this age, your preschooler should be able to manage his or her feelings accordingly. Maybe they decide 2018 is the year they want to have better behavior in the classroom. Who knows? They might find that the better behavior leads to learning more things, making more friends, and having better days overall.   

About Our Early Childhood Education in Jupiter

At Tiny Turtles Preschool, we strive to provide an enriching environment for students. We are proud to offer a well-balanced, unique curriculum that’s dedicated to the development of infants and young children. But what specifically makes us different? For one thing, we implement a curriculum based upon the natural ways in which children learn. We pair that with a print-rich environment for future school readiness. You can expect your child to take part in computer labs, reading, writing, arts/crafts, math, music, physical education, dramatic play, and much more. Tiny Turtles even has age-appropriate playgrounds to ensure your child’s safety.

Our staff has an unwavering passion for preschool education and early childhood development and care. Make 2018 the year you invest in a quality early childhood education environment for your son or daughter.

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