With the holiday season upon us, Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter wants to make sure that you and your child have some crafting fun during this wonderful time of year! Our staff holds your child’s preschool education in high regard, which is why we always conduct age-appropriate activities to support their development of color recognition, numeracy concepts, shape recognition, problem-solving skills and more. These five craft activities from education.com aren’t meant to simply keep your child busy for a few minutes over the holidays, but rather to stimulate early child development.

Candy Cane Decorations

As mentioned on the activity page, your child will learn how to create a repeated pattern using texture with this candy cane decoration. All you need is some red construction paper, cotton balls, glue stick, and pencil.

Wreath Ornament

Our staff absolutely loves this wreath ornament activity because it gets your child to use their five senses! It’s a fun sensory craft that involves the use of uncooked white rice, glue, food coloring, a paper clip, ribbon and something similar to a yogurt lid to use as a mold. The ornament also helps your preschooler with following directions and shape recognition, skills that are critical in the pre-kindergarten stages and moving forward. Plus, making your own wreath with your child is so much more enjoyable than going out and buying one!

Make a Paper Plate Reindeer

You might have a project in your home that includes your child’s handprints. This reindeer craft takes it to the next level! You and your child will make Rudolph using paper plates, acrylic paint, craft foam, scissors and more while you preserve your son or daughter’s handprints in his antlers. Skills involved in this project range from manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination to hand/wrist flexibility.

Candle Centerpiece

Add a unique touch to your table this holiday season with a candle centerpiece made by your child! Though this project is listed for kindergartners, we feel that your pre-k child can have success making it. After all, the centerpiece is made from recycled toilet paper tubes and doesn’t take long at all to create. In addition to the tubes, you’ll also need a coffee lid or paper plate, scissors, glue, construction paper, pom-poms and gold paint.

Holiday Place Cards

Liven up your home this holiday season with green holly leaves and bright red berries! Especially if your family is hosting a holiday gathering, these place cards make the perfect additions to your table. You will need plain paper, a pencil, green card stock, red craft foam, glitter glue in silver and gold, toilet paper tube, transparent tape, red tissue paper, glue scissors and a black felt tip pen. Similar to the candle centerpiece, these place cards are listed for kindergartners on the site but can easily be made with a little extra help from siblings or mom and dad! Our staff loves this project in that it teaches fine motor skills, from tracing and cutting holly leaf shapes to taping, gluing and writings guest’s names.

Pre-K Enrollment

With a new year right around the corner, we wanted to remind you that now is a great time to think about enrolling your child at Tiny Turtles Preschool of Jupiter. We always emphasize a fun, creative and loving environment for your child. Whether they are six weeks old or 5-years-old, we nurture them with a well-balanced, unique curriculum dedicated to their personal development.

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