We love that our summer day care program in Jupiter includes many fun field trips to the bowling alley and the local theater. Watching our youngin’s get strikes on the lanes and enjoy the latest movies are some of our favorite reasons to host summer camp every year. However, these public places have expectations for manners, and we want our kiddos to be on their best behaviors during these outings so we can continue these field trips throughout the year.

Helpful Etiquette Tips For Our Day Care Field Trips

Bowling Alley

Largely, bowling is an independent activity. Therefore, teach your kiddos to be confident that they can bowl on their own and follow these rules.

  • Don’t bowl while either of your lane neighbors are in the bowling process.
  • Wear the right bowling shoes.
  • Wait to pick up your bowling ball until your neighbors have bowled.
  • Keep quiet while neighbors are bowling. It’s great to celebrate right after your shot, but don’t shout and yell while others are trying to get that strike!
  • Don’t eat or drink on the approach (the nice wood flooring on the same level as the lane).


Most kids are great at attending movies because they get so enthralled in the story. We’ll help your kids follow cinema etiquette, but it doesn’t hurt for you to share the same rules the next time you go.

  • Get to your seat before the previews begin to avoid disruption.
  • Stay in your seat unless it’s an emergency.
  • Keep your voices quiet. Try not to talk at all, but if you must, use your quietest whisper voice.
  • Don’t push your feet on the seat in front of you.
  • Eat your popcorn and other snacks softly, and drink your drinks quietly. Pick up any mess you may make during the movie.

If your kids can follow these etiquette rules, then our day care summer camp is going to be tons of fun! Sign up today.