5 to 10 Years of Age

Our aftercare program provides your child time for education and recreation. It’s a time for your child to decompress after school without leaving a social setting. Elementary school-aged children are balls of energy, and it’s our job to combine the traditional daycare in Jupiter to the current times, trending activities, and excellent academic standards of our educators in order to help your kids have a safe, fun, and productive time after school.

What we do during our after school daycare program.

Our staff assists in the completion of your child’s homework. Homework is more common today than it was back when we were kids, and it’s for good reason. Kiddos are strong learners, but they need a lot of practice. Homework is our first priority because kids have had a nice break from school as they transition to our daycare and are ready to focus for a bit longer before having fun doing activities for the rest of the afternoon and evening, which brings us to our next point…

After homework, we’ll lead kids in both indoor and outdoor activities. From team sports to independent play, kids will have no problem entertaining themselves or each other at Tiny Turtles. Our goal is to make sure every child is having a great time and sharing in activities that are fun for the whole group.

How to get your child from school to our daycare.

Tiny Turtles is happy to provide a convenient pick-up service at most of the local Jupiter elementary schools. That means you can focus on your work and trust that we’ll get your kids from school to the safety of our after school child care center.

After school daycare is an affordable, social, and fun opportunity for your elementary school-aged child. If you have children who are in our younger-aged programs, it’s a no brainer for us to care for your older children, too.

We’re happy to watch over your five to 10 year olds after school.

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